RULES for the Importation of Cultural objects into the Russian Federation

Individuals importing any cultural objects into the Russian Federation are required to:

  1. Complete a passenger customs declaration to describe the cultural objects and indicate the year of creation, cost and other identification data (e.g. size, requirements and usage, distinguishing characteristics, etc.). They should also carry photos of the object;
  2. Produce their objects and the completed customs declaration together with other documents mentioned above in Paragraph 1 to the customs officer in the Red Corridor. The customs officer will check the passenger customs declaration for the importation of goods into the Russian Federation;
  3. Foreign individuals shall be exempted from customs duties if they import any items for the duration of their stay in the Russian Federation, or if the items are of cultural value (a certificate of cultural value is required);
  4. When leaving the Russian Federation, foreign individuals must present the object to the customs officer in the Red Corridor for inspection, as well as the passenger customs declaration, other documents, if any, and the passenger customs declaration completed upon entry into the Russian Federation and stamped by the customs authority.
  5. In case no passenger customs declaration was completed for the importation of the cultural objects upon entry, they may be exported subject to the provision of a statement/authorization from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation or a written notice from the competent authorities indicating that no statement/authorization is required for the export of cultural objects.
  6. Imported cultural objects may be exported back from the Russian Federation through any customs authority.