Address by the Chair of INTOSAI

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all the spheres of our society. It has become a challenge for every family, public agencies and Supreme Audit Institutions. In this context SAIs should quickly adapt to the new reality, make use of knowledge and experience to stay relevant for citizens.

Moscow Declaration

In September 2019, international audit community endorsed the Moscow Declaration which indicated the importance of strategic approach to audit, using IT-instruments and open data resources, training employees on remote auditing and promoting inclusiveness. These opportunities and skills become especially relevant in current realities.

COVID-19 Response in the Accounts Chamber

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation established a COVID-19 Emergency Headquarters. SAI Russia was one of the first national government agencies to transition almost 90% of personnel to remote working. Audit activities have been postponed. Accounts Chamber has started to monitor on a daily basis measures adopted by governments and SAIs to fight the pandemic.

SAIs Response to the Pandemic

The contribution of Supreme Audit Institutions has not decreased in the current situation. Most of the SAIs successfully implemented remote working methods, created special task forces to respond to the pandemic, did their best to support employees, help their governments and citizens.

The Initiative of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation as INTOSAI Chair

The Accounts Chamber has put forward the initiative to establish a special Expert Group under its leadership within the INTOSAI Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues. The Group will focus on the Strategic role of SAIs in addressing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Expert Group

The Expert group will become a focal point for anti-COVID practices, technologies and response methods of all the auditing community. The work of the Group will be open for everyone. Its activities will result in recommendations that will help all SAIs in need of support right now, as well as make us more resilient when faced with similar challenges in the future. All interested SAIs, INTOSAI working bodies and organizations will contribute. The stakeholders from international organizations and leading global think tanks also will be engaged.

The INTOSAI community portal https://www.intosaicommunity.net will be used for communication on the issues of the Expert group's work, as well as other internet resources of INTOSAI and of the Accounts Chamber of Russia.

The first online meeting will be held on June, 22, 2020. Please contact scei@ach.gov.ru to join.

More details are offered in a video message (transcript) by the Chair of INTOSAI and Chair of the SCEI, the Chair of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Mr Aleksei Kudrin.