Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation participated in 55th ASOSAI Governing Board meeting
On July 27 the delegation of the Accounts Chamber headed by Aleksei Kudrin participated in the 55th ASOSAI Governing Board virtual meeting.

The agenda covered issues related to the budget, strategic planning, as well as the results of ASOSAI work and activities for the past year.

During the meeting ASOSAI Secretariat also announced a launching of webinars which will be dedicated to government measures to combat COVID-19 and remote auditing during the pandemic.

In addition, two new initiatives were approved by Governing Board members: establishment of Working Group on SDGs and Working Group on Emerging Issues Management.

In the course of the event the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia shared with Governing Board members the results and further work plan of the INTOSAI SCEI Expert Group on COVID-19, headed by the Accounts Chamber.

The delegation of the Accounts Chamber also presented reports on activities of INTOSAI Policy, Finance, and Administration Committee (chaired by the SAI of Saudi Arabia), INTOSAI Working Group on SDGs and Key Sustainable Development Indicators and INTOSAI Working Group on Public Procurement Audit (chaired by SAI of Russia).

Of note, the Accounts Chamber has nominated it’s candidacy as the ASOSAI Chair for the period 2024 - 2027. The elections were supposed to be held this year during in-person Governing Board meeting, however, due to cancellation, the elections were postponed to the next year.
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