How the Coronavirus Changes Healthcare: Mobilizing Staff, Help from Business, Support for People
The sharp increase in the number of coronavirus patients has shown that health systems around the world are not ready to work in emergency situations. Here we present key findings announced by governments and international organizations.
How the coronavirus changes the openness of governments: analytical portals and new platforms for dialogue with citizens
Improving accountability of authorities and personal responsibility of department heads and organisations to society for the achievement of goals and objectives is one of the key principles of the Development Strategy of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. This digest shows how the idea of openness has changed in the face of the pandemic. In many countries SAIs follow the principles of transparency and openness. They unanimously adopted the Moscow Declaration at the INCOSAI and agreed to promote more efficient, transparent government agencies and the principles of data availability and openness of source code and algorithms.
How the COVID-19 changes the work of SAIs 2.0: more analytics, emphasis on social issues and “civil audit”
We are presenting the second issue of our overview Response of SAIs to the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing the updates on the changes which took place in the work of audit institutions all over the world in May.
How COVID-19 changes education: global problems and other countries experience
UNESCO, OECD and the World Bank have conducted studies on how education is changing in the era of self-isolation and quarantine. In a few paragraphs, we describe how the governments around the world cope with these challenges.
How the coronavirus is changing social services: putting into practice the principle of leaving no one behind
Vulnerable people always need special attention, for example, the disabled, the homeless, orphans, the unemployed, prisoners and many others. In short, all those who objectively need support at any time.
SAIs response to COVID-19 pandemic
Challenges associated with COVID-19 encourage the SAIs to respond quickly to the current situation: switch to telework, vigorously implement digital technologies, build the capacity of employees, conduct specialized audits of healthcare and public procurement.