About congress

Dear colleagues!

I would like to express my greatest appreciation for the massive work you did and support you gave during the preparation for and INCOSAI XXIII itself. This was an intense and successful week with thorough discussions and tangible outcomes.

We have discussed the future development of public audit considering global challenges in the changing world; have agreed upon supporting SAI capacity building and professional training initiatives for auditors, diversifying cooperation mechanisms under the International organization.

I would also like to thank the INTOSAI General Secretariat for its collaboration and invaluable help in preparing the Congress.

Ideas and experience accumulated by the organization and its partners during the last few years have been reflected in the Moscow Declaration, which, I am pleased to say, have received an unprecedented support from INTOSAI members.

I am glad that here in Moscow INTOSAI members have outlined the priority areas of SAI development for the years ahead as well as have developed a unified vision of the future of public audit while preserving the fundamental principles of independence, accountability, transparency and sustainable management of SAI resources.

During its INTOSAI Chairmanship, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation will comprehensively promote the progress of public audit in the directions outlined by the Moscow Declaration. We continue to focus our efforts and accumulate knowledge of the professional community of INTOSAI with a view to ensure independent external control over the achievement of the SDGs as well as the goals that have been agreed upon at the national level. We will continue to promote the efficient use of the technological progress and increase the impact of SAIs on the accountability and transparency of public administration.

I express my sincere hope that cooperation, joint efforts and decisions of our highly professional international audit community will advance good public administration, sustainable development of the society and provide decent life for everyone.

Thank you for your participation in INCOSAI XXIII!

The Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian FederationAleksei Kudrin