1. General Provisions
    1. Accreditation of media representatives (hereinafter, the «media») to the XXIII INCOSAI (hereinafter, the «INCOSAI») is carried out to ensure the necessary conditions for the work of the media aimed at collecting and delivering comprehensive and reliable information on the INCOSAI events.
    2. The media are to be accredited under the Law on the Media of the Russian Federation and these Media Accreditation Rules in order to make cooperation at the Congress mutually beneficial for all parties and to arrange work of the media at the INCOSAI.
    3. The media accreditation is obligatory to work at any INCOSAI events.
    4. In their professional activity, the media must respect rights and legitimate interests of the organizers, partners, participants and the staff of the INCOSAI, and observe generally recognized ethical standards.
    5. The number of the media representatives that may take part at the INCOSAI events can be reduced in case of the media’s considerable interest in the event and with regard to the limited infrastructure capacity of the event venue (Central Exhibition Hall «Manege»), as the organizers want to provide them with the most comfortable working conditions and easy access to all the necessary resources. Accreditation quota for the media (besides the media partners):
      • Print media – 3 persons (2 correspondents, 1 photographer);
      • Press agencies – 3 persons (2 correspondents, 1 photographer);
      • Information portals – 1 person (1 correspondent);
      • Television broadcasting companies – maximum 7 persons (2 correspondents, 1 producer, 2 cameramen, 2 sound engineers);
      • Radio companies – 1 person (1 correspondent).
    6. The INCOSAI organizers may increase the quota upon the official request of the media in case that such a necessity is justified.
  2. Accreditation of the media
    1. Editorial boards of foreign media have the right to submit an application for the accreditation of their journalists at the official site of the INCOSAI subject to the following conditions:
      • The foreign media should be registered under their national law and have an accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia;
      • unless a representative of any foreign media has an accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, he/she should send a letter to the INCOSAI organizers with a request to provide accreditation to the INCOSAI and file an application on the official site of the INCOSAI (free-format letter with an organization official letterhead, the organization seal and the sign of its chief officer).
    2. The technical media (employees supporting the operation of the TSS and TTS, drivers of the motor vehicles of the accredited media, etc.) should be accredited in accordance with these Media Accreditation Rules.
    3. The social media (including bloggers) should be accredited in accordance with these Media Accreditation Regulations.
  3. Accreditation card (hereinafter,«Media» entry pass/badge)
    1. «Media» entry pass /badge is issued upon registration for the INCOSAI and confirms the media accreditation to the INCOSAI events. The «Media» entry pass /badge should be issued to the media personally providing that the confirmed accreditation is in the INCOSAI database and/or if the person concerned has a printed version of the invitation letter sent by the INCOSAI press office personally to the email address specified in the accreditation application.
    2. «Media» entry pass /badge will be valid for the overall duration of the INCOSAI. Any other accreditation cards as well as work permit passes are invalid at the INCOSAI venue.
    3. «Media» entry pass /badge does not grant the right to be present at special events and in special areas during the INCOSAI that require invitations.
    4. «Media» entry pass /badge is personalized, and it is forbidden to transfer it to third parties during the INCOSAI. The «Media» entry pass /badge shall be worn visibly at all times at the INCOSAI venue.
    5. In case of loss, theft or damage of the «Media» entry pass /badge the media member should inform the representatives of the INCOSAI press office at the media accreditation desk about the problem, whereupon a new «Media» entry pass /badge shall be issued.
  4. Accreditation procedure
    1. Applications for the media accreditation to the INCOSAI events are submitted electronically via the official site of the INCOSAI
    2. Applications via the official INCOSAI website may be filed from 15 June through 30 August 2019. In case the application is submitted after the allocated period the organizers do not guarantee the accreditation.
    3. All the fields of the application form should be filled in. Special attention should be paid to the fields marked with an («*»). Incomplete applications or applications not submitted properly shall not be considered.
    4. The accredited journalists are the journalists who received the personal accreditation confirmation from the INCOSAI press office. The confirmation will be sent to the journalist to the email address specified in the accreditation form.
  5. Accreditation Refusal
    1. The INCOSAI organizers are entitled to refuse accreditation:
      • to any persons that are not media members, as set forth by section 2 hereof;
      • to any media members specializing in publishing advertising or reference materials, or to the field-specific media members, whose fields are irrelevant to the topics of the INCOSAI events;
      • to the persons, who provided false or unreliable information on themselves or their media entity;
      • if the infrastructure capacity of the venue is exceeded.
  6. Rights and obligations of the media accredited to the INCOSAI
    1. The media accredited to the INCOSAI shall be entitled to:
      • Use all services designed specially for the media activities including infrastructure capacity of the INCOSAI press office;
      • Receive information on the INCOSAI events (press releases, the agenda, names of the participants, etc.);
      • Receive prompt information on special events of the INCOSAI and on the possible changes in the agenda via text messages (upon a separate request);
      • File applications to the INCOSAI’ press office to organize interviews with the INCOSAI organizers and participants;
      • Be present at the opening events except for when the media personnel access to the event is restricted due to the security requirements and venue capacity;
      • Attend briefings, press conferences, press scrums, round tables and other events organized by the INCOSAI press center specifically for the media;
      • Film the INCOSAI events in the designated areas, in locations within the INCOSAI venue previously agreed upon with the INCOSAI organizers.
    2. The media accredited to the INCOSAI must:
      • Follow the regulations on the journalists’ work at the INCOSAI with regard to «Reference Policy» when using official information and quoting statements of the INCOSAI participants, namely: all the prepared materials shall contain a reference to the XXIII INCOSAI, to the source of information and/or contain a link to the INCOSAI site, if it is the source ( ( Any amendments, additions or misrepresentation of the copied (quoted) information are forbidden;
      • Observe regulations concerning the access control, safety and public order at the INCOSAI;
      • Verify reliability of the information they obtain;
      • Meet the information providers’ requests to specify the source of such information;
      • Inform the citizens and officials providing the information about the audio and video taping, filming and shooting;
      • Present a media ID card or any other document confirming the media member’s identity and powers on demand when performing their professional activities;
      • Not use his/her professional capacity to hide information or to fabricate socially important data, spread rumors under the pretense of veracious news or to collect information in favor of a third party or organization, which is not a media entity;
      • Pause (stop) photo/video shooting upon request of representatives of the organizers, press center and/or INCOSAI security service;
      • Not distribute printed materials at the INCOSAI venue without the organizers’ approval.
  7. Accreditation Termination
    1. The reasons for accreditation termination are the following:
      • The media member is dismissed from the editorial office (in that case the editorial office is entitled to accredit another media member – to be agreed upon individually);
      • The media entity represented by the media member stops its operation;
      • The head of the editorial staff decides to dismiss a media member from giving coverage of the INCOSAI and /or to replace such media member (an official notice is necessary).
  8. Accreditation Revocation
    1. A media member’s accreditation may be revoked:
      • If the media member interferes with the INCOSAI events procedure;
      • In case of providing false information;
      • In case of the media member’s improper behavior at the INCOSAI venue.
    2. The decision to revoke a media member’s accreditation shall be made by the INCOSAI organizers. It should be justified, provided in writing and contain references to the current media legislation. The media member or editorial staff of a media entity may contact the INCOSAI press office about any questions concerning the accreditation and work of the media providing coverage of the INCOSAI еmail: