Coordination Meeting of SDG Audit Participants (Vienna, February 13, 2020)
On February 13, 2020, the INTOSAI General Secretariat held a coordination meeting attended by representatives of the most important global INTOSAI players involved in the SDG implementation process. The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation was represented by Mr. Dmitry Zaitsev, an auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, and Mr. Timur Makhmutov, Director of the International and Regional Cooperation Department.
Following the meeting, an action plan elaborated by the participants, which contains a list of planned actions until the next INCOSAI in 2022.
Among the most significant points of the plan, the following should be noted:
- Creation of a single online SDG atlas which will post reports and recommendations of the Supreme Audit Institutions on the progress on SDGs;
- Development of an SDG audit model in the form of a practical guide and launch of an information hub;
- Establishing a platform for sharing best practices on the basis of the INTOSAI Working Group on SDGs and Key Sustainable Development Indicators headed by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.
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